A Christmas selection

<p>With only twenty-something shopping days left of the Christmas period the battle-lines for the bestseller of the year have been well and truly drawn. In one of the most open Christmas fights in years, there are several books competing for the top spot.<br />
<br />
Will it be the <i>Guinness Book of Records</i>, <a href="http://www.thebookseller.com/news/48685-guinness-runs-dry-five-weeks-ear... supplies of the books starting to dwindle</a>? Will it be housewives' favourite Richard Hammond, arguably the most surprising hit of the seasonal period? Will plucky upstart Russell Brand seduce a book reading nation with his<br />
dandyish tales of drug abuse and sex addiction? Or will Nigella's seemingly unstoppable media profile have her clinch the number one position?</p>
<p>All bets appear to be off thus far but what are your top tips for Christmas hits? What books have performed well? Which books have been top of the flops? And what books have surprised you by their performance?</p>