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  • Why are we squeezing creative writing out of schools?

    By Liz Hyder

    Writer, creative workshop leader and freelance PR consultant at Various

    Publicist and debut children's author Liz Hyder calls on publishers to be more vocal about the negative impacts of creative writing being sidelined by the current education... Read more

  • Roll up for the main event

    By Philip Jones

    Editor at The Bookseller

    The Bookseller's editor Philip Jones shares what attendees can expect from the Children's Conference 2019. Read more

  • Twenty years of the Branford Boase Award

    By Julia Eccleshare

    Children's director at British Library

    Julia Eccleshare reflects on two decades of the Branford Boase Award—the only award to recognise both author and editor. Read more

  • Books beyond the shadow of Brexit

    By Charlotte Eyre

    Children's Editor at The Bookseller

    Brexit may have cast a shadow over the UK’s relationship with Europe but children’s publishers are maintaining an international outlook when it comes to business.... Read more

  • Getting children reading

    By Hilary Murray Hill

    C.e.o. at Hachette Children's

    Hachette Children’s Group is on a mission to get more children reading—c.e.o. Hilary Murray Hill explains why. Read more

  • From blog to bookshelf

    By Estelle Maskame

    Author at Black & White Publishing

    YA author Estelle Maskame shares her experience of going from writing on Watppad to publication with Scottish indie Black & White Publishing. Read more

  • Announcing the Oscar's

    By James Ashton

    Chairman at Oscar's Book Prize

    James Ashton reflects on the last few years of Oscar's Book Prize—and what he hopes to see submitted in 2019. Read more

  • Always look to the future

    By Vanessa Harbour

    Author at Firefly Press

    Vanessa Harbour shares how being disabled has allowed her to achieve her dream of being a writer.   Read more

  • Reflecting Realities: why so surprised? An open letter from a small press

    By Katrina Gutierrez

    Director of projects and communications at Lantana Publishing

    In light of the Reflecting Realities report, Katrina Gutierrez explains how the industry can better support small presses working to increase representation in children's books.... Read more

  • 'You don’t need to be a superhero to change the world'

    By Angie Thomas

    Author at Walker Books

    Author Angie Thomas on why she is "tired of talking about racism", but hopeful for the future. Read more

  • Why CLPE's Reflecting Realities project matters

    By Louise Johns-Shepherd

    Chief executive at Centre for Literacy in Primary Education

    The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education's chief executive explains why it is launching the UK's first survey of ethnic representation in children’s literature.... Read more

  • No Room on the Broom

    By Axel Scheffler

    Illustrator at

    Watch Axel Scheffler tackle Brexit in his acceptance speech for The British Book Awards' inaugural Illustrator of the Year Award. Read more

  • Finding a home for everyone

    By Diana Gerald

    C.e.o at BookTrust

    BookTrust's c.e.o Diana Gerald explains the challenges of finding books that appeal to children of every background. Read more

  • A family affair

    By Julia Eccleshare

    Children's director at British Library

    Julia Eccleshare, chair of the Branford Boase Award judging panel, shares what this year's submissions can tell us about current trends in children's fiction publishing.... Read more

  • Calm down everybody - it’s just World Book Day!

    By Ali Sparkes

    Author at OUP Children's

    Award winning children’s author Ali Sparkes reflects on ten years of World Book Day. Read more

23rd July 2021

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Friday, July 23 2021

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Official Children's Chart

  1. 1.
    by David Walliams; Tony Ross
  2. 2.
    You Are a Champion
    by Rashford, Marcus & Anka, Carl
  3. 3.
    They Both Die at the End
    by Adam Silvera
  4. 4.
    There's a Unicorn in Your Book
    by Tom Fletcher; Greg Abbott
  5. 5.
    The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes
    by Suzanne Collins
  6. 6.
    The Danger Gang
    by Tom Fletcher; Shane Devries
  7. 7.
    What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside
    by Julia Donaldson; Lydia Monks
  8. 8.
    Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Dragon
    by Rhiannon Fielding; Chris Chatterton
  9. 9.
    One Of Us Is Lying
    by Karen M McManus
  10. 10.
    Cat's Cookbook
    by Julia Donaldson; Axel Scheffler

Jobs in Books

23rd July 2021

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Issue No 5939
Friday, July 23 2021

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