A call to boycott festivals that don't pay author fees

Sir/ Madam,

Further to Philip Pullman's resignation from the Oxford Literary Festival, we would like to call for all authors and publishers to boycott literary festivals which expect authors to work for free.

For too long, authors have been persuaded to give our services to the public for free - even though the public is paying in good faith to see us. We are the only people in festivals who are not paid, and yet without us the festivals could not exist. Writing is a vocation but it is also a profession, and it is time we all stiffened our spines, dug in our heels and said No.

Amanda Craig
Linda Grant
Alex Preston
Denise Mina
Louisa Young
Paul Dowswell
Katherine Langrish
Nicola Morgan
Clare Mulley
Julia Williams
Fiona Pitt-Kethley
Lucy Coats
Annalisa Barbieri
Nicholas Blincoe
Francis Wheen
Jo Nadin
Danuta Kean
Tim Lott
Oisin McGann
Guy Walters
Harriet Lane
Anthony McGowan
Joanne Harris
Bel Mooney
Helen Grant
Francesca Simon
Mary Hooper
Chrissie Gittins
Anna Perera
Ben Johncock
John O'Farrell
Janie Hampton
Boris Starling
Paul Magrs
Rosemary Bailey
Barry Miles
Stephen Thompson
Emily Barr
Jane Harris
Eva Salzman
Curtis Jobling
Emma Carrol
Andrew Sanger
Jonathan Emmett
Susie Maguire
J Courtenay Grimwood
Rosie Dastgir
Jon McGregor
Andrew Taylor
NM Browne
Suzie Lipscomb

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