Books from blogs - do they work?

<p>Hi all</p>
<p>I'm writing a feature for The Bookseller about the trend for creating books from blogs, and would really welcome thoughts about what works, what doesn't, etc.</p>
<p>What are the best/worst books from blogs you can think of? There are obviously some that have done really well - Belle de Jour for example. Then there are some bloggers who have won huge advances - Wife in the North and La Petite Anglaise.</p>
<p>Are there particular genres that work best as blooks (nasty word)?</p>
<p>Did The Friday Project collapse because the model just wasn't viable?</p>
<p>It seems to me that there is an awful lot of rubbish out there on the web,and it should be a publisher's job to sift through and find what works, just as they would do for a more traditional book.</p>
<p>Any blogs that should be made into books out there?</p>