From blog to bookshelf

My experience as one of Black & White Publishing’s authors has been nothing less than incredible from the very start. I’m so grateful to work with a team of people who not only strive to publish great books, but who also deeply care about their authors.

I started working with the B&W team at the age of 17, so I feel as though I have a special relationship with my publisher, because it has been like a mentor to me. The staff always look out for me and my wellbeing is always put before my books, which I’ve greatly appreciated. And I have felt supported with each decision I have made.

I also love that B&W considers my thoughts and ideas during every aspect of the publication process, and that it never goes ahead with a book until I’m 100% happy. B&W often lets me write at its office too, because I’ve found that the environment helps a lot with my productivity. It’s great to work with people who adapt around my writing needs. I don’t consider the team at Black & White simply as partners on a work project, I think of them as friends, which is more than I could have ever asked for in a publisher.

I posted my writing online from a young age, eventually settling on Wattpad [as a platform to do so]. Back then, it was fresh on the scene and had great potential. It was a refreshing, modern outlet for getting my work out there and sharing it with people all around the world. Every time I finished a new chapter of whichever book I was working on, I would immediately post it up onto the site—usually once a week—and then sit back and watch the feedback roll in from readers.

It made the writing process so interactive, and I found that the feedback helped with my confidence, because I could see people were enjoying the writing that I was working so hard on.I loved having a connection with my readers and being able to discuss my books with my audience as they were being written. I found that my productivity increased, because having that readership waiting for the next chapter gave me the motivation to create even more words.

I don’t regret posting my work on Wattpad—it gave me a special bond with my readers and it eventually led to me signing my first book deal with Black & White Publishing. I don’t know where I would be without it.

Just Don’t Mention It by Estelle Maskame is out now. She was first published by Black & White in 2015 and has been shortlisted for the Young Adult award at the Romantic Novel of the Year awards.