And action!

<p>It&rsquo;s been a hectic week. I am hard at work with my film team which consists of me, award-winning film-maker Garfield Kennedy, Kevin Redpath and editor Martin Wells. We are making a short protest film about our <a href="">on... fight against the library cuts</a>.</p>
<p>This week we filmed almost 80 individuals from all walks of life (children, parents, travellers, elderly, unemployed, etc) as they gave us their most passionate one-liners (and sometimes more) about why libraries should not be closed. I was moved to tears several times as I heard these pleas being made.</p>
<p>We did this one day in Glastonbury and another day in nearby Shepton Mallett. On Tuesday we left Somerset at 4am to drive to London for a very busy day of filming &lsquo;celebs&rsquo;.</p>
<p>We had already filmed Michael Eavis, the founder of Glastonbury Festival earlier in the week. We continued our filming in London with Lord Julian Fellowes&mdash;and ITN were there to film us as we made our film!</p>
<p>Then we headed for the Houses of Parliament where we filmed MP Tessa Munt (from Somerset) on the College Green outside, and she invited us in for tea which was very nice of her. After that we hurried to the ITN headquarters where we interviewed Jon Snow from Channel 4 news. We ended the day at the Royal Society for Literature with Kate Mosse and chairman Anne Chisholm, and several top notch authors from the society (Colin Thubron, Maggie Gee, David Harsent, Maureen Duffy and Maggie Fergusson). What a day!</p>
<p>Sir David Attenborough and Alan Bennett (&lsquo;Library closure is child abuse&rsquo;) have sent in great quotes to add to the film.</p>
<p>So now it&rsquo;s time for the edit which will take a week and then we will be ready for the launch. The<i> Guardian</i> have called us and indicated that they want to post the film on their website which is fabulous news. I am now in touch with several award-winning viral marketing agencies to see if they will give us free pro bono viral marketing assistance (all of this campaign so far since December has been done out of our own pockets!) and lastly I will start meeting with local cinemas to see if they will show the film with the previews&nbsp; before the main feature.</p>
<p><b>Stay tuned &ndash; my next blog will inform you about the success of the launch and the very creative (secret) events that we are planning to support it.</b><br />