Acorn Intelligence’s 5 top tips for winning with sponsored brands

Have an always on approach
An efficient ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) is best achieved via a mixture of automated and manual optimisation. To leverage Amazon algorithms, an always-on campaign provides continuous data for the platform to improve performance. According to Bloomreach, 55% of consumers start their online product searches on Amazon. Use Sponsored Brands and associated products to convert these consumers automatically, in real time, and all year round. Enhance this Always-on approach by employing some of the following tactics:

Campaign targeting
Launch both Automatic and Manual keyword targeting. While still relevant, Automatic will increase keyword reach and discover new and associated keyword terms that can be applied to Manual curated targeting.

Product targeting enables you to target competitive products or those closely associated with the item you are promoting.

In conjunction, via Manual targeting, select the most appropriate keywords for reaching in-market customers and ensure you are winning the bid with those best performing keywords.

Your selected keywords will be matched with customer search terms via Broad, Phrase or Exact match types. Apply these match types depending on the relevance of the targeting term.

Test test test
Make the most of the different types of keywords you can target and build a smart strategy around them.

Branded Product Keywords—target your brand name and product name.
Competitor Branded Keywords—target the keywords of your competitor brands and products.
Complementary Product Keywords—these are products sold separately to yours, but that can help create demand for the other.
Out of Category Keywords—these are not related to your product but can pick up some of the out of category impressions to help drive other buyers to your products.

Ensure you have an optimal storefront
There are millions of customer searches on Amazon each day with c.70% of all journeys on Amazon starting in the search box—it is imperative that your product ranks highly and that consumers find what they are looking for once they reach your Detail Page. A strong Detail Page will have a high IDQ (Item Data Quality) score, which leads to improved Glance View conversion rates for customers visiting your product pages. In addition, organic search results ranking will be improved, making your product more discoverable.

Finally a word on reporting...
Make use of the reporting tools available within the Amazon platforms. Harvest the results and apply your learnings to all aspects and elements of your ecommerce strategy both on and off the Amazon platforms.  Learn who buys your products, where possible learn what else they buy.  This will help you understand your consumer and give you an opportunity to give them what they want and most importantly exactly when they want it.