2011: the stats so far

In our features section this week, we have one of the highlights of the year  and half-year: our review of publisher performance. We take pains—great pains—to underline that this is Nielsen BookScan TCM data only—print figures, that is, which certainly do not reflect publishers' bottom lines.
We, and Nielsen for that matter, freely admit that print sales no longer tell the full story, with perhaps 6%-8% of book trade revenues coming from digital. Some of the publishers which we noted have not had a good first half of the year have grumbled that the TCM is no longer fit for purpose. Although, it is strange that we haven't heard those same grumbles from publishers that have done well.
Yet even with digital added on, some publishers have still suffered. Hachette, for example, at £87.9m, has just had its worst first half of the year through the TCM since 2003. Hachette c.e.o. Tim Hely Hutchinson has said that the group's digital revenue will be 10% by the end of the 2011, which I take to mean that it has not reached 10% yet. But let's be generous and add on 10% to Hachette's 2011 half year. That would take the group up to £96.7m—its worst first half of the year since 2005.
Until we get a Nielsen e-book panel (and the word is they are waiting on one very major player), however, we have to judge publishers on hard data. And given that we are still looking at 94%-92% of the market—and that most of the major players' digital growth rates are broadly similar and that e-book bestseller charts often correspond to the print counterparts—I would argue that the TCM is still a very good indicator of how publishers are performing.
We have a wealth of data, and given the constraints of print, we had to leave quite a bit out of the feature. Here, then, are a bunch of tasty, handy and telling TCM stats for you to ponder from the first half (26 weeks) of 2011.
The amount of money spent on a Jamie Oliver book for every £1 spent on the book trade in 2011
Out of every £5 Penguin earned, the amount spent on just four authors: Oliver, Jeff Kinney, Marian Keyes and Clive Cussler (£14.9m out of £73m)
2.5 times
Amount by which Man Booker-winner Howard Jacobson (£932,511) has outsold Katie
Sophie Kinsella's (aka Madeleine Wickham) sales
Madeleine Wickham's (aka Sophie Kinsella) sales
Titles which have sold more than 100,000 copies
Titles which hit the 100,000 mark in the first 26 weeks 2010
Titles which have generated more than £1m in sales, 2011
Titles which generated more than £1m in sales in the first 26 weeks 2010
Number of nursing memoirs in the TCM Top 5,000 2011
Number of nursing memoirs in the TCM Top 5,000, first 26 weeks 2010