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Entale helps publishers ride the audio wave with smart new software

Entale's formidable team wants to create "a rich, enhanced listening experience" for both audiobooks and podcasts. Read more

Bookabees is "a children’s library, bookshop and subscription box in one"

A subscription model, both lending and buying options, educational experts, personalised boxes and a bespoke algorithm - this London startup is throwing everything at the... Read more

What Zappar learned from designing an AR kids book

Zappar's lead designer, Anna Broadhurst, talks about the inspiration and learnings behind The Boy with his Head Stuck in a Book . Read more

Papier Machine's playful 'e-book' combines paper with circuitry

When is a book a future book? When it's also a collection of interactive electronic toys. Read more

Typely focuses on usage, not grammar, to proofread like a pro

Developed and maintained by a single non-native speaker, Typely is proving to be a seriously popular new proofreading tool Read more

Publica is "a publisher for the blockchain era" - but will authors bite?

Publica wants to bring authors all the readers and profits the open web can offer - but will they be bold enough to embrace blockchain? Read more

Bookchoice hopes careful curation will unlock digital book subscription success

Bookchoice wants "people to click on books for entertainment just as automatically as they’d click on a game." Will its monthly subscription service do the... Read more

Buk lets authors and readers enhance e-books with deep hyperlinks

History books with Wikipedia built in? Instant social media sharing of quotes? Korean startup Buk.io is betting big on deep hyperlinks Read more

Readwise makes your e-book highlights and notes work harder

The founders of new Silicon Valley startup, Readwise, want help non-fiction e-book readers "read better, read more, and forget less". Read more

Can Authorfy turn authors into superstars for the YouTube generation?

Authorfy uses online videos and teaching resources to bring young readers closer to writers and their books. Read more

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