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Serial Box reinvents Exquisite Corpse as a one-day live book serial

Regular FutureBook readers will know that one of our pet topics is the need for book-related events to evolve . So we were pleased when... Read more

The Pound Project wants to make crowdfunding books accessible to all

This Birmingham-based independent publisher aims to take the fear out of book-based crowdfunding - and give authors a sustainable slice of the pie. Read more

"The B2C model was flawed": what Recipe Guru learnt about subscription publishing

Last month we published a profile of ckbk , a new startup dubbed "the Spotify of cookbooks". Then the founders of Recipe Guru got in... Read more

Ricoh's Clickable Paper connects printed text with online content

A collaboration between Cal Poly and Ricoh has resulted in a smart new app that bridges the gap between printed text - of any type... Read more

Newly launched SokBook turns your social profiles into a book

This new social media photobook service is local, sustainable, powered by AI - and Brexit proof. Read more

Novel Effect’s new project shows the promise of voice tech for books

Since becoming a finalist in our BookTech Company of the Year Awards in 2016, Novel Effect has had an impressive trajectory . The Seattle-based husband-and-wife... Read more

What Bookship has learned about how social reading works

The founder of our BookTech 2017 finalist shares some of the lessons he's learned on the journey from start-up to sustainable business. Read more

MyManuscripts aims to be the smartest submissions platform yet

Overwhelm for agents, missed opportunities for publishers and poor feedback for writers. Can MyManuscripts fix the bugs in the traditional submission process? Read more

Meet ckbk: the (yup) Spotify of cookbooks

The pitch Ckbk is a new platform that offers to "put the world's best cookbooks at your fingertips". For a fixed monthly fee, ckbk subscribers... Read more

How StoryTourist turned Sherlock Holmes into an immersive multimedia tour

Our 2016 BookTech finalist has released its first full release - a geolocated, responsive Sherlock Holmes StoryTour set in London. Read more

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