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New York imprint Standards Manual crowdfunds retro graphic design

This New York imprint is rescuing lost gems of graphic design and crowdfunding them with an eager audience. Read more

How mobile storytelling startup Sweek is bringing traditional publishers into the mix

Mobile self-publishing platform Sweek was a finalist in our 2017 BookTech Company of the Year. Now its co-founder explains the opportunities and challenges the startup... Read more

DEVAR believes AR's time for publishers has come

Molly Flatt speaks to the c.e.o. of DEVAR, a global augmented reality platform that allows publishers to enhance tradtional books with interactive AR content and... Read more

New podcast Story Shed aims to give bedtime stories a boost

Created by a primary school teacher and father of three, this new podcast hopes to make bedtime stories a habit again - for everyone. Read more

Taylor & Francis is bringing AI to academic publishing - but it isn't easy

Introducing new tech into an established publisher can be tough, so Taylor & Francis have teamed up with a smart AI-focused Danish startup. Read more

Publishing startups have the tech - what they need is the stories

Last Seen Online won our 2017 BookTech Company of the Year. But as its founder raises investment, he realises that people don't care about the... Read more

StoryStylus helps turn authors into game designers

This Canadian husband-and-wife team are helping authors make their stories interactive with a user-friendly "book meets game" platform. Read more

Tagsmart applies art authentication technology to limited-edition books

Leading the market in next-gen art authentication, this British tech company is now applying its 'DNA tags' to high-end books. Read more

What happens when a prop-maker and CGI expert decide to make books?

This Hertford-based startup puts "stories in motion" using CGI... and crafting. Read more

iRead recruits a super-team of European experts to redesign how kids learn to read

Read brings together some heavyweight European academics and educators to shake up literacy with a new generation of apps. Read more

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