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Baby BSL aims to spread British Sign Language with an immersive multimedia storybook

This unique book, still in user-testing phase, is the only product to use British Sign Language in conjunction with AR/MR technology. Read more

Can new writers' community Write Together "make blogs great again"?

This Amsterdam-based writing platform from journalist-developer Owen Williams aims to take the fear out of blogging for aspiring writers. The pitch Write Together is a... Read more

How the Startup Guide team question the publishing process at every stage

In an industry news cycle where digital publishing darling WattPad has just shocked us all with the announcement they will be publishing… BOOKS!, it seems... Read more

Write efficiently, edit smartly, publish anywhere: meet Blurt

A software developer from California has created a smart writing platform he hopes will liberate great minds everywhere. Read more

Want to make your writing more collaborative, cross-platform and creative? Try Collab Writers

After collaborating on a novel, two time-poor but idea-rich writers have launched a community to help other ambitious authors connect, collaborate and create. Read more

Poetry platform Poetizer hopes to put the soul back into social media

This Prague-based startup hopes to connect poetry lovers through a social network driven by free speech and shared values. The pitch Poetizer is a free... Read more

HeyWow! hopes to crack the children's book market with new personalisation software

The personalised kids' books trend keeps on trucking - and the duo behind this Scottish startup thinks their 'doing' books, featuring real children's faces, give... Read more

PSYT aims to be the Headspace of self-development books

How can you help readers turn self-development books into self-development reality? London-based startup PSYT believes it has the answer... Read more

Audio escapes the studio with Almost Tangible's 'cinema for the ears'

This new London-based production company aims to "free audio from the studio" using immersive technology and on-location recording. Read more

Publica wants to free publishers and authors from Amazon using the blockchain

BookTech 2018 finalist Publica wants authors and publishers to design their own storefronts and business models - powered and protected by the blockchain. Read more

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