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What the publishing world looks like from an outsider's perspective

Artist-turned-publisher Jasper Joffe shares his view of the books industry as an 'outsider'. Read more

Can heat and touch-sensitive book To You replicate human connection?

British-Cypriot multimedia artist, performance maker and academic Yiota Demetriou talks to us about creating her innovative, interactive book about love and loss, To You . Read more

Could Unicorns, Almost be the first truly immersive audiobook?

Meet the multisensory hybrid of play and audiobook that has been taking Edinburgh and Normandy by storm. Read more

From legacy to ‘lean’ - how publishing innovates

From Wonderbly to Pan Macmillan to unrd, Bec Evans explores how publishers new and old are embracing lean principles to help them innovate. Read more

“There is tremendous opportunity right now for collaboration between the book industry and immersive technology”: VR pioneer Stephanie Riggs on rethinking books

Virtual reality pioneer Stephanie Riggs believes that, to succeed with immersive technologies, writers and publishers must rethink their approach to narrative. Read more

We Kiss The Screens combines multiple narratives, print-on-demand and AI to create a unique reading experience

Editions at Play - the Peabody Futures award-winning initiative created by UK-based publisher Visual Editions in collaboration with Google Creative Lab to explore new, dynamic... Read more

5 things inspiring indie publisher Sam Hutchinson right now

The founder of b small publishing and Bookseller Rising Star shares five things inspiring him to think and work differently right now. Read more

Books outside the box: lessons for publishers from WeWork, Adidas and IKEA

Why do publishers consistently fail to innovate, asks the Ampersand Book Co's Alice Revel. Isn't business as usual getting a little boring? Read more

5 things inspiring The Literary Consultancy's Aki Schilz right now

The director of TLC and writers' champion shares five things inspiring her to think and work differently right now. Read more

5 things inspiring Zed Books' Kika Sroka-Miller right now

Zed Books' brand and growth director shares five things inspiring her to think and work differently right now. Read more

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