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Why innovative publishers are calm publishers

I don’t have many heroes. Robert Smith of The Cure, yes, obviously. Ada Lovelace, sure. But there are few other people I feel such gratitude... Read more

Why publishing skills should be a priority for our future workforce

GCSEs are under attack and new ways are being considered to prepare our future citizens, to be both contributors to the economy and contented individuals... Read more

The inside story behind Reedsy's new Discovery platform

This week FutureBook award-winning self-publishing marketplace Reedsy launched Reedsy Discovery, a new marketing platform for authors. We sat down with founder Emmanuel Nataf to get... Read more

Netflix and the art of data-driven decision making

For anyone involved in the book trade, one of the most valued skills is judgment. Is this manuscript worth publishing? Is there an audience for... Read more

Don’t rage against the machine! How scholarly publishers can embrace AI

Recent predictions claim that AI will contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. From self-driving cars, personal assistants and chatbots taking on roles... Read more

Academic piracy: where next?

In 2018, e-book piracy websites received over 800 million visits; a number expected to rise by at least a third in 2019. The scale of... Read more

Can the concept of the Minimal Viable Product work for books?

You may have noticed that the startup world is somewhat obsessed with the concept of the MVP. Defined by Wikipedia "as a product with just... Read more

Algorithms, trends and partnerships: the inside story of Wattpad books

Last week saw the launch of Wattpad Books, the first-ever publishing division from the hugely popular global storytelling platform. Combining human editorial with Wattpad’s Story... Read more

Radish's Sue Johnson brings TV and games thinking to serialised books

This week Radish, a short-form serialised fiction platform, announced the launch of Radish Originals, its first foray into producing in-house stories. It also announced the... Read more

The small way to make things better in publishing

When Futurebook asked for my predictions earlier this month , I said that 2019 will be the year that small beats big. I forecasted an... Read more

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