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It's time for publishers to choose their own adventure

Muki Kulhan is an award-winning executive digital producer with over two decades' experience creating interactive and immersive content for music,TV, entertainment and tech innovation. After... Read more

Seth Godin's mini-guide to publishing, selling and marketing books now

Over the past quarter century, Seth Godin has taught and inspired millions of entrepreneurs, marketers, leaders, and fans from all walks of life, via his... Read more

How to be a good audiobook narrator

Audio is indisputably the pubishing buzzword of 2018. There's plenty written about new production techniques - binaural recording that can create a 3D immersive experience,... Read more

What is book innovation in 2018, anyway?

In her latest editor's column, Molly asks the toughest question of all: what does innovation in books look like nowadays? Read more

Decentralised, censorship-proof, blockchain-friendly: could ISCC be the new ISBN for books?

As a distributed, secure, censorship-resistent and anonymous digital ledger of economic transaction, the blockchain has always seemed to have potential for authors and publishers alike... Read more

Sophie Hannah on podcasts, Twitter and the first ever 'edutainment' crime novella

Sophie Hannah is a busy woman. At this year's FutureBook Live conference - only one month away - the bestselling crime author will be talking... Read more

"I can’t think of another industry that makes decisions in such a void": Rachel Botsman on books and trust

Author and speaker Rachel Botsman discusses how the book trade is benefitting from - and struggling to adapt to - a world of rapidly diminishing... Read more

How students of the 'digital literary sphere' are analysing the Man Booker Prize

Clare Hutton discusses how her students have been exploring the Man Booker through their new module From Fan Fiction to YouTube: Navigating the Digital Literary... Read more

7 ways to use pay per click marketing to promote books

You can do a lot to promote books online for free. So why would you pay for ads? Because they’re cost-effective - and they work... Read more

'We were taking a step into the unknown': why The Ghostkeeper's Journal is Carlton's most ambitious AR book yet

Today marks the launch of The Ghostkeeper’s Journal, "the world’s first augmented reality novel for children 11+" according to publisher Carlton Books. At heart, the... Read more

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