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Time to stop the snobbery: indie book design is catching up

He made it onto the prestigious FutureBook 40 innovators list - and Stuart Bache believes that indie authors are leading the way when it comes... Read more

In a dangerous world, publishers need to Be More Pirate

To mis-quote the opening line of GoodFellas , as far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a pirate, which partly explains... Read more

Writing for the improbable bookshelf

Claire Dean shares how she is exploring new ways of writing by bringing enlivened approaches to literary forms - such as her altitude-responsive version of... Read more

Charge of the write brigade: How to save the last American bookstore chain

To prevent an Amazon takeover, Barnes & Noble must focus on publisher partnerships, membership-based coworking and community integration, says Asher Lipsitz. Read more

5 questions aspiring authors should ask themselves now

Last weekend I spent a lot of time around aspiring authors. On Friday, I ran a 'trade secrets' workshop for writers at Chipping Norton Literary... Read more

Drawing subscribers to your book-related newsletter: 7 insider tips

Whether you're an author, publisher or book discovery startup, a mailing list might well be the most valuable asset in your toolbox. A bold statement,... Read more

Publishers don't have to choose between scale and fail

It was always going to be different, coming from decades of corporate trade publishing into the world of entrepreneurial investors. All those stories of money... Read more

What is the book of the future? A conversation with futurist Tom Cheesewright

Tom Cheesewright is an applied futurist who works with organisations, brands and industries to help them see what’s coming and respond to fast-moving technological change... Read more

Don’t believe everything you read – e-books are on the rise

With e-books recently being deemed ‘stupid’ by Arnoud Nourry, chief executive of Hachette Livre, and many articles in the last year claiming a ‘plunge’ in... Read more

What does the publishing industry look like from the outside?

That’s a question I’ve been asking myself a lot, lately, as I work on a new conference, called Get a Job in Publishing , which... Read more

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