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How can we help more authors reach more readers?

What do authors really think about what publishers can do better? Read more

'It's kind of stagnant': Entrepreneurial guru Gary Vaynerchuk thinks the book trade needs to step up

We asked the entrepreneur and bestselling author to turn his disruptive eye on the book industry - and he didn't hold back. Read more

Author events are ripe for reinvention

The UK is not short of author events, but - and it's a big but - nearly all of these events are preaching to the... Read more

'Eight books in, and we're still learning': Editions At Play on their responsive ghost story, Breathe

This week Editions At Play, the collaboration between Visual Editions and Google’s Creative Lab, released a new project: Breathe . The mobile story, written by... Read more

Andrew Keen on Trump, Amazon, AI... and how to fix the future of books

As his new book How To Fix The Future hits the shelves, internet critic Andrew Keen turns his lens on the world of books. Read more

Innovation in bookselling is dirty, complicated - and flourishing

Eight hundred words are very few to get heavy on the subject of innovation in bookselling, so I will focus on two things: a book... Read more

On the hunt for new audiobook listeners? Let data lead the way

Niclas Sandin shares the latest data from BookBeat to answer two crucial questions for the UK audiobook market: who are the potential new listeners, and... Read more

Unbuilding Frankenstein: designing publishing platforms for an automated, AI-driven future

“If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear!” - Frankenstein , Mary Shelley, 1818 This month marks the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s famous... Read more

"I continue to dream about 99p books for children, in supermarkets"

Dr Ger Graus OBE is the first Global Director of Education at KidZania, where children aged 4 to14 can experience the world of work through... Read more

3 ways publishers shouldn't be using VR in 2018

There is something that excites me about the VR industry in 2018: the wealth of wrong turns we've taken so far. It is perhaps a... Read more

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