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The power of the printed word

Stuart Rising, head of commercial print at Canon, considers how publishers can embrace digital transformation and build on positive consumer sentiment to ensure a sustainable... Read more

Should a c.e.o. write code?

Ahead of FutureBook's Day of Code, Berkshire Publishing's Karen Christensen explains why publishers need to engage more with technology. Read more

Who owns digital stories?

Guy Gadney, c.e.o. of Charisma.ai, shares an abridged version of his keynote speech delivered at the MIX Conference 2019, addressing the increasing convergence between creative... Read more

The book trade must stop focusing on disruption and start focusing on impact

Book people have a brilliant history of innovation – but to tap into it, they must swap short-term solutions for big questions about impact. Read more

My Virtual Literary Festival hopes to create a unique meeting space for authors and readers across the world

As festival season gets in full flow, three authors are launching a virtual literary festival designed to recreate the experience in a more accessible–and affordable—way. Read more

Can Elementari boost literacy by helping kids author interactive stories?

This small but ambitious startup draws on an international community of artists, educators and translators to help children create interactive stories and game books. Read more

Books outside the box: lessons for publishers from Macy’s, HBO and H&M

What’s the fastest way for publishers to accelerate their innovation? By taking lessons from other industries. Here are six brands doing work that could apply... Read more

Springer Nature hopes to spark an industry-wide AI debate with its first machine-generated chemistry book

From the new book by Adobe’s Chris Duffey to Edition at Play’s latest project We Kiss The Screens , it seems that using artificial intelligence... Read more

StoryFit offers AI insights to drive publishers’ decisions about books

This Austin-based tech company uses rich data to determine everything from optimal metadata to market fit. Read more

Is Owl Field’s interactive 3D audio drama 'the Bandersnatch of podcasts'?

Molly Flatt talks to Michel Lafrance about the demand for interactive audio and the launch of new storytelling podcast "3D Escape Room: Frequency". Read more

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