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There is no such thing as real bookshops - or proper readers

The co-founder of a new digital-first publisher is thoroughly fed up with the casual elitism that infuses the book trade. Read more

8 things to include in your author social media strategy

Social media is one of the best ways to connect with readers, build a large, engaged audience - and promote your books. Whether you’re an... Read more

"It is important to be really clear on the problem": Pearson’s Milena Marinova on AI in publishing

We talk to Milena Marinova, Pearson's new head of AI, on how machine learning is transforming educational publishing. Read more

Are subscription models crucial for the future of books?

In their new book Subscribed , Tien Tzuo (the founder and c.e.o. of Zuora, the leading Silicon Valley subscription management platform) and Gabe Weisert (its... Read more

Want more diversity but less risk? Partner with an indie author

Big commercial publishers can help drive the movement for more diverse books by mentoring and supporting self-motivated authors, says Medeia Cohan. Read more

What next for influencer marketing in books?

In digital marketing circles, 2018 was widely hailed as the year we'd see ' the death of the influencer '. Well, true influence is never... Read more

How the book trade can harness the age of creativity

There has never been a better time to be a creative leader. New opportunities are abundant - from new platforms that bring creative concepts to... Read more

What makes a great books podcast? The Honest Authors share their advice

There are dozens of book podcasts out there - but those aimed at aspiring authors are less common, and almost entirely skewed towards the self-publishing... Read more

How to hook time-poor readers: 16 tips for publishers, booksellers and authors

Busy mum, podcaster and lapsed bookworm Zibby Owens offers up a feast of ideas for publishers wanting to reach people who feel too busy to... Read more

Blogger turned author Amelia Perrin on how social media is shaping books

Into It began as an essay Amelia Perrin posted on her personal blog about a painful breakup. The essay went viral, propelled by the support... Read more

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