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Ideas for how a small black publisher can survive beyond the hype

As a privately-held, black, female, owned and operated small independent publishing company, Jacaranda is still something of a unique occurrence. When we founded it in... Read more

Want to know the future of publishing? Look to business books

This week I’m looking forward to piling into a hotel room with around 20 other book- and business-people to argue feverishly about business books for... Read more

We need to put books back at the heart of British culture

In December, Sharmaine Lovegrove was named FutureBook Person of the Year at the FutureBook Live 2018 conference. Here, she shares her hopes for what the... Read more

Publishing innovators identify the big disruptions for books in 2019

2018 saw FutureBook launch the FutureBook 40 , its annual list of exciting publishing innovators in the UK. It's a mix of publishers, agents, writers,... Read more

The big question for books now: how do we make people care?

How do we make people care about what we do? The slightly weird days between Christmas and New Year - often grey and a little... Read more

Dr Barry Clayton and the strange world of Amazon book reviews

Dr Barry Clayton loves to review books on Amazon. In fact, he reviews so many books that he is, at the time of writing, the... Read more

Finally, academic publishing is catching up with the future

Santa hasn’t even come down the chimney yet but the talk in academic publishing definitely has a feel of 1 Jan about it - everyone... Read more

How do you get busy online addicts to notice your book?

Hello, is there anyone listening? If you have lifted your head to answer such a question during the morning commute, you may have noticed the... Read more

The British Library recorded every keystroke it took to write this novel - now the data is out

C M Taylor teaches on the Publishing Degree at Oxford International Centre for Publishing. He's also a freelance editor and an author who has been... Read more

"It's been a revelation": why Simon Mayor and Hilary James's new book uses AR

Last Friday saw the annual FutureBook of the Year Award go to The Ghostkeeper's Journal and Field Guide, "the world's first augmented reality novel" written... Read more

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