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How audiobooks can take on Netflix

Multitasking while listening may be drawing in new audiobook listeners, says Michel Lafrance, but the industry will only flourish once audio drama becomes as absorbing... Read more

10 innovations in children’s books that kids actually care about

Atwell, the founder of Toppsta founder and a member of the FutureBook 40 top publishing innovators list, explains which kids' books innovations are truly making... Read more

When it comes to innovation, try thinking small

When talking about innovation, the conversation can get incredibly, well, big . Of course, if the book trade is to flourish for years to come,... Read more

Test your way to bestseller success

Last week, a banker called publishing a ‘mad way to do business’. So how can publishers decrease risk and increase sales? Bec Evans explores a... Read more

‘The Spotify for Books’ hasn’t worked yet. Here's why.

We don't need to own content that we consume either partially or fleetingly, says Matthew Jones - but a model of unlimited consumption just doesn’t... Read more

How can publishers create strategies for an unpredictable world?

How should publishing companies plan ahead in a continuously disrupted world? Is there any point in trying to develop a strategy in a time of... Read more

To publish unpublishable books, look to your readers

An author always writes the book she wants to read. So my short story collection, Bad Romance , was intended for women like me. Now,... Read more

Battle of the brands

Should publishers and publishing startups stop trying to be so relentlessly B2C, and double down on helping the talent to shine? Read more

How digital content is helping secure the future of libraries

UK public libraries are going through a period of significant challenge, with the recent closing of an unprecedented number of libraries. This should be very... Read more

How to fix Amazon reviews: let me count the ways

Alex Christofi suggests five things Amazon could do to turn its reviewing community into a strength, rather than a weakness. Read more

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