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The future of FutureBook

What do you want from a website dedicated to the future of the book industry? I'll tell you what I don't. Debates about ebooks versus... Read more

A year of living digital

FutureBook’s top stories reflect a year of transition for the sector as the continuing softening of e-book sales gave way not, alas, to any great... Read more

#FutureBook15: Looking farther and wider

The Bookseller's conference FutureBook 2015 was a timely reminder for the publishing industry that its digital transformation has barely begun, that it has a whole... Read more

Question time for the publishing sector

Join us for a special FutureBook 2015 #FutureChat with chairs of the #FutureBook15 conference: Friday (27th November) live on Twitter at 4:00 p.m. London (GMT),... Read more

A manifesto for digital book designers

"This capability is what we lost 500 years ago with the Gutenberg book." And Akim Ozakil , founder of the two-year-old Alternate Worlds digital publisher... Read more

On international ebook sales: 'actionable insights'

"These publishers stand out for not allowing their ebook function to be a passive add-on to their print houses." Vearsa senior data analyst Anne Gaynor... Read more

BookTech Showcase: Shulph

Publishers "need to start representing themselves to the world in a way that protects their heritage yet speaks a modern visual language." So says Shulph... Read more

BookTech Showcase: oolipo

"A new kind of platform that will give passionate story—and media—lovers an experience native to their mobile device.” Now, you're talking. Just as so many... Read more

BookTech Showcase: Where book and tech come together

A Scottish startup using binaural recording, 3D audio software and immersive sound design to redefine the audiobook. A team of seasoned digital entrepreneurs from Cologne... Read more

A manifesto for all writers

"There are too many adjectives in publishing already," writes Carla Douglas . An editor based in Kingston, Ontario, Douglas is a frequent participant in our... Read more

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