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Show me the money: new commercial opportunities for publishers

Like many people in our industry, I’ve been really impressed by BookBub . As with all great successes, the simplest ideas work best. BookBub’s idea... Read more

Growth curve: Reedsy

The latest in our series asking startups to share the challenges they face and lessons they learn as they grow catches up with Emmanuel Nataf,... Read more

Startup of the week: Publishizer

Born in India and bred in Silicon Valley, the matchmaking service for authors and publishers has already earned 130 authors $464,000 in pre-orders, produced six... Read more

Is the winner of the Transmission Prize a book... or a meme?

Today, philisopher Theodore Zeldin is revealed as the winner of the Transmission Prize for his collection of "conversational essays" The Hidden Pleasures of Life . Read more

To what degree does publishing need university people?

'The best people no longer go into publishing' It's my colleague Philip Jones at The Bookseller who reminds us today in his leader piece, The... Read more

Digital-first Canelo opens a literary fiction survey

Simon Collinson is a man who loves surveys. When last we heard from him , he was working on a survey of small publishers' data... Read more

You're the boss

That corner office If you were the one running the show—the brass, the suit, top dog and big cheese—what orders would you be issuing to... Read more

A manifesto for container free content

"A fundamental question is being overlooked in this search for the optimal publishing strategy," writes Ryan Morrison . During the run-up to FutureBook 2015 ,... Read more

Authors on the march

Is the pen mightier? As if shot out of a cannon—and aimed at weak points in the walls of Fortress Publishing—many authors seem to have... Read more

Creative industries and the division of labour: Emma Barnes

"There is a neat parallel between the best way to design a systems landscape, and the best way to design a network of people." All... Read more

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