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"We did something ambitious, entirely new and hugely complicated": Orion on Belgravia

Following our piece by Edwin Smith 'What Julian Fellowes' Belgravia should have learned from Netflix', Belgravia's UK publishers Orion contacted FutureBook to give their side... Read more

Growth curve: Write Track

We hear about startups when they get an injection of funding, or when they launch, but what about all the hard work in between? Read more

How Gojimo is intent on disrupting education publishing

In the fast-changing world of EdTech, start-up Gojimo is a name to look out for. In March the company won the Publishing for Digital Minds... Read more

What's apt in an app? #FutureChat recap

And if you're trying to choose an app for your child? It depends on what your goal is. If your goal is to strengthen your... Read more

Would you give an app to a child?

I really don’t see why adults shouldn’t share apps with their children in just the same way that they share print books with them. Anecdotally,... Read more

This other country

The Bookseller Children's Conference showed what a curate's egg the kids market has become. Print is growing and sales of physical children's books are on... Read more

#FutureChat Recap: Digital publishing and children

Join us each Friday for a #FutureChat live Twitter discussion on issues of publishing and innovation: 4 p.m. London time, 11 a.m. New York time,... Read more

The digital dream: coming soon to an iPad near you

The digital trumpet fanfare sounded for me in 2012 That's when the Apple software application iBooks Author arrived on the scene. Read more

Reading into the future

Hannah Black, of Diversion Books in New York, is the winner of The Bookseller’s latest Essay writing competition, now sponsored by the Frankfurt Book Fair... Read more

Amazon's dramatic shift

Amazon is seeking a ‘dramatic’ shift in terms, according to Hachette Livre chief executive Arnaud Nourry. The word slipped out during Nourry’s presentation at parent... Read more

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