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The next Amazon

Guy Gadney looks at where the next Amazon could come from, and if it will be through the entrepreneurialism of existing publishers and bookstores. Read more

At Frankfurt: Can books find true fans?

Fanning the flames When asking Pan Macmillan's Naomi Bacon to join us at Frankfurt Book Fair's Business Club for a discussion of "hardcore fandom" and... Read more

At Frankfurt: AmazonCrossing's new $10 million translation bid

Meet Sarah Jane Gunter today, Wednesday, 3 p.m. Frankfurt Book Fair In a move that answers a constant question both from independent authors and from... Read more

Which nobody can deny: Amazon birthday #FutureChat recap

Tinseltown looks good on Amazon Shortly after we held our #FutureChat on the 20th anniversary of Amazon, a story appeared at The Hollywood Reporter about... Read more

The Amazon birthday party

Gift receipt: Prices will be hidden on the receipt On the occasion of its 20th birthday, The Bookseller would like to wish Amazon and its... Read more

Subscriptions, 'know your readers': #FutureChat recap

Last August in his two-part essay for us here at The FutureBook, "On streaming, subscription, and big data," CyberLibris' Eric Briys (pictured) wrote of "understanding... Read more

Can subscriptions take the heat?

'Yes … it was a long day. Full of complete and utter nonsense.' That's the author Hugh Howey writing about Wednesday (1st July). That's when... Read more

Andrew Rhomberg: Who's your Most Favoured?

The phrase "Most Favoured Nation" is almost dashing. It enters a conversation with a frisson of international trade-mission largesse. But as attorney Vivienne Robinson wrote... Read more

A purely digital metric in author payment: #FutureChat recap

'Not just a writer thing' As we get started here, a quick notice to the many UK and Ireland-based authors in our digital publishing community:... Read more

Is Amazon KDP Select's per-page payout better?

I'd like to be paid per-page for everything written about Amazon's KDP Select since the 15th of the month. And certainly, I've tried to hold... Read more

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