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Centuries apart

This week we publish The Bookseller’s annual listing of the 100 most influential people in the book business. It is our moment to... Read more

Pullman calls for reintroduction of fixed book prices

Philip Pullman has called for a reintroduction of a minimum price for books to protect independent bookshops, calling them “the lantern bearers of civilisation”.... Read more

Rates rises could see 275 towns lose bookshops

Booksellers have appealed directly to politicians to reform business rates or risk 275 towns losing bookshops at a parliamentary reception in the House of Commons.... Read more

BA's Godfray 'optimistic' about bookshop numbers in 2017

The Booksellers' Association has struck an optimistic note with members in its newsletter and review of 2016 ahead of Christmas, predicting a possibility of more bookshop openings than closures in 2017.... Read more

Lords question government on library closures and Amazon taxation

The government has defended its attitude towards the widespread closure of libraries in England during a debate in the House of Lords, with Lord Ashton... Read more

Parliamentary Book Awards to raise industry profile

The Booksellers Association and Publishers Association will present three Parliamentary Book Awards at a reception in the House of Commons held to highlight the contribution... Read more

Trade bodies blast 'unjust' business rates proposals

A coalition of trade bodies is urging the government to abandon “unjust” changes to the business rates appeals system that could leave businesses over-paying tax.... Read more

Amazon competitors left 'fighting for scraps' in e-book market

Amazon’s dominance in the UK e-book market is so huge that other competitors are left "fighting for scraps” tech entrepreneurs have said. Read more

Daughter of missing HK bookseller makes plea for US assistance

The daughter of missing Hong Kong publisher Gui Minhai has called for the US to help secure his release. Read more

Rosamund de la Hey made BA president

Rosamund de la Hey, owner and founder of The Mainstreet Trading Company, has been made president of the Booksellers Association. Read more

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