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New Terry Pratchett publishing revealed at memorial

A biography on Terry Pratchett written by his personal assistant Rob Wilkins, a graphic novel by Pratchett and a Discworld Encyclopedia were among the new... Read more

Terry Pratchett colouring book coming in August

A Terry Pratchett adult colouring book is set to be released by Gollancz this August, created by Paul Kidby, with the rights negotiated by Rob... Read more

Pictures of the week

As the summer holiday draws to a close, the autumn rush begins, marked this week with the release of a number of big books. Among... Read more

In pictures: Waterstones' midnight opening for Pratchett's last book

The late Sir Terry Pratchett’s final novel, The Shepherd’s Crown (Doubleday Children’s), was released today (27th August). The book is part of Pratchett’s series about... Read more

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