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Advice to booksellers

Let's start with this: on the face of it there is not a lot for the author... Read more

Lock and key

Last week, the Ministry of Justice said it will allow independent booksellers to deliver to prisons, after applying online. Fives Leaves Bookshop owner... Read more

French-English bookshop opens in London's East End

A former diplomat from Beirut and an arts professional have opened up a French-English bookshop in London’s East End. Read more

Waterstones, Blackwell's and indies report Christmas sales rise

Waterstones, Blackwell’s, Stanfords and independent booksellers have all reported strong Christmas book sales, with titles such as Five on Brexit Island and the GCHQ Puzzle... Read more

Lords to debate library 'crisis' and independent bookshops

Campaigners have called for the House of Lords to intervene in the "crisis" in the public library sector and to pledge its support for independent... Read more

Godfray hails bookselling entrepreneurship in 'challenging' year

The Booksellers Association chief executive Tim Godfray has said it has been "really heartening" to see the creativity and entrepreneurship of booksellers in 2015, with... Read more

Patterson awards £110k to indie bookshops

Nearly 70 independent bookshops have today (8th September) received funding from James Patterson in the latest round of grants given by the American author. Patterson... Read more

Customers should spend '20% in small stores'

Consumers should aim to make 10-20% of their purchases at independent shops, Saltaire Bookshop owner David Ford has said. Ford revealed last week that his... Read more

IBW launches dedicated website

Independent Booksellers Week has launched a new dedicated website for the event and is encouraging people across the trade to tweet using the #giveabook and... Read more

Aaronovitch presents booksellers with flagons of cider

Booksellers across the country will be receiving flagons of cider from author Ben Aaronovitch as a thank you gift. More than 1,000 flagons of Weston’s... Read more

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