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Goodbye to all that

As Theresa May triggers Article 50, Philip Jones considers what this means for the future of the book trade.  Read more

Welcome to…

Philip Jones argues that the publishing industry needs to figure out what it can learn from recent political upheaval. Read more

After the shock

In June 1975, ahead of the previous European Union referendum on whether the United Kingdom should remain in the European Economic Community, publisher George Weidenfeld... Read more

What next, after the 'Leave' win?

Literary and talent agent Diane Banks contemplates the next steps for the publishing industry following the UK's vote to leave the European Union. Read more

Keep calm and expect change

Philip Jones reacts to the result of the EU referendum and considers its impact on the publishing industry. Read more

Inside and out

Philip Jones looks at the impact that a Brexit may have on the book trade. Read more

The EU strait-jacket

Britain’s economic future would be better secured outside of the narrow confines of present-day Europe, says Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan. Read more

Time to talk up the industry

The academic publishing and bookselling sectors are facing multiple calls to “talk up what you do” in the face of a changing political environment around... Read more

Soaring costs force Wordsworth Editions to raise Classics prices

Wordsworth Editions is to increase the price of its Wordsworth Classics range due to rising paper prices and distribution costs as a result of the... Read more

'Alice in Brexitland' to publish ahead of general election

Ebury has acquired an Alice in Wonderland themed political parody telling the story of Brexit.  Read more

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