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Kaufman’s wisdom on libraries

Library campaigner Tim Coates remembers the positive contribution made by the late Gerald Kaufman to the debate on the public library service. Read more

An answer to Taskforce critics

Kathy Settle on the work of the Libraries Taskforce. Read more

Get a grip, Libraries Taskforce

The Libraries Taskforce needs to get its act together and produce a plan to re-invigorate the library network, says Desmond Clarke. Read more

The war on culture

Chris Hamilton-Emery looks at cuts to culture. Read more

General confection

How will the book trade vote in 2015? Despite its sometimes patrician image, the trade—according to The Bookseller’s online poll—is now firmly behind... Read more

The public side of public libraries

Public libraries are as the name suggests, a public service, but the public has little real say in how the service is delivered. However, the... Read more

Hearts and crimes

The library service is falling into its own dystopian tale. The story fits all the tropes: a bleak landscape of buildings far from their former... Read more

Better together

In recent years the links between many local libraries and bookshops have weakened because of a reduction in resources and trained staff that many libraries... Read more

Sieghart: on the money

The Independent is wrong to damn the new Sieghart Report as a "romantic fiction" with nothing but euphemisms to offer a decimated public... Read more

B is for book

How do you measure the true value of the book business? It’s a common enough question for which there is no common answer. Yet, with... Read more

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