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Chronicling the past, and the future

As HarperCollins celebrates its 200th anniversary, archivist Dawn Sinclair delves into the HarperCollins archive. Read more

The Olympia way

Assessing the mood of the London Book Fair after just one full day of activity may be difficult, but then judging it at the end... Read more

2015: The shape of things to come

This time last year I wrote that we were just beginning to see the future shape of conglomerate publishing as the merger of Random... Read more

The odd uncouple

Can trade publishers develop consumer brands, and effectively market and sell their content direct? More importantly, can they do this without undermining what is for... Read more

HarperCollins signs Vice's Joel Golby

HarperCollins has signed Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant, the debut non-fiction book by Vice journalist Joel Golby. Read more

Hardacre leaves HarperCollins to go freelance

Jo Hardacre is leaving HarperCollins to begin a freelance venture. Read more

Avon nabs two more from ex-cop Finch

Avon Books has bought two from ex-policeman Paul Finch, continuing his DS Mark ‘Heck’ Heckenburg and PC Lucy Clayburn series.  Read more

Borough Press wins The Binding after 'hotly contested' eight-way auction

Borough Press has won a “hotly contested” first adult novel from YA author Bridget Collins after an eight-way auction. Read more

4th Estate signs Mexican author Luiselli's novel and non-fiction 'companion'

HarperCollins imprint 4th Estate has bought a novel and a non-fiction “companion piece” by Mexican author Valeria Luiselli. Read more

Walliams, HarperCollins and talkRADIO launch The Story Hour

HarperCollins has partnered with talkRADIO to bring “A Summer of Walliams” to the airwaves from this Sunday 18th June. Read more

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