Watkins to launch What Is? series

Watkins to launch What Is? series

Watkins and Nourish are to launch a new series of “fresh, practical, and accessible” introductory guides to a range of mind, body and spirit topics called What Is?

The series will include information, practical tips, and case-studies written by practising experts and is “designed to meet the growing interests in the merging fields of science and spirituality”, the publisher said.

The “hand-bag sized” books are all priced at £7.99 and include Q&As, case-studies, and practical exercises, with “clean, simple, and colourful design [reflecting] the vibrant yet accessible information within."

The first book titled What is a Near Death Experience? by expert Dr. Penny Sartori, will be published in June 2016. It will explore the emotions, science, characteristics, and effects of near-death experiences. What is Sound Healing? by sound therapist Lyz Cooper will also be published in June and will discuss the phenomenon of sound healing.

Published in September, What is Numerology? by numerologist Sonia Ducie, is a “vibrant, modern guide to the age-old science and philosophy of numerology." The book will look at the science of numerology, revealing what the term means and providing a behind-the-scenes tour of the power of numbers.

Also published in September, What is Hypnosis? by hypnotherapist Tom Fortes Mayer features practicial exercises and insight enabling readers to experience the "life-enhancing power" of hypnosis in their everyday lives.

Further titles to be published will include What is Post-Traumatic Growth? by psychologist Miriam Akhtar which will explore the concept of post-traumatic growth by explaining the term and sharing practical tools that will "support and strengthen readers on their journey from terrible trauma to a place of stability."

Publisher Jo Lal said: "The What Is series brings together great design with authoritative authors on key topics in personal development. Long the pioneer in the field, we continue to try to break new ground with this series by fusing science and spirituality in a fresh and accessible way to meet the demands of our changing readership."

Watkins' new imprint, Repeater is set to launch this month with Lean Out, a “powerful call for more inclusive feminism in an age of austerity” by Dawn Foster and The Isle of Minimus, a “highly original and darkly comic novel” by MKL Murphy.