Waterstones and Amazon begin Kindle promotion

Waterstones has begun promoting the Amazon Kindle devices that will be on sale in stores from 25th October with the line "There are two sides to every story". Meanwhile Amazon has begun a TV campaign for the Kindle Fire.

Amazon’s TV advertisements, on view this weekend, promote Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet and describes the company as “the re-inventors of normal.” The advert says: “We're the re-inventors of normal. So, when we bring you the new Kindle Fire HD, you should know that normal is going to change . . . again — with a stunning HD screen, HD camera and dual-speaker Dolby Sound, and access to 22 million songs, apps, games, movies, books, and more. Hey normal, take that.”

Meanwhile, Waterstones' Kindle POS has the slogan "There are two sides to every story", and continues: "With books and now Kindle you can enjoy both at Waterstones. Expect a new Kindle experience at Waterstones from late October. Ask a bookseller for details".

Waterstones will begin selling the Kindle, Kindle Fire and Fire HD tablets on 25th October, with the Kindle Paperwhite to go on sale through the chain "by the end of the month".