TFP aims to Charm with digital pamphlets

TFP aims to Charm with digital pamphlets

The Friday Project has signed a series of three digital “pamphlets” by British design guru Stephen Bayley.

The critic and curator, who was the first chief executive of the Design Museum and writes for numerous newspapers and magazines, will write three long essays on charm, desire and taste for the HarperCollins imprint.

Scott Pack, Friday Project publisher, bought world English digital rights from Ivan Mulcahy of Mulcahy Conway Associates. The first in the series, Charm, will be be published in February.

Pack said: “E-books are rapidly becoming the natural medium for long-form journalism and I am delighted that we were able to persuade Stephen to write three bespoke digital titles for us. Now I have to make sure they look amazing.”

Bayley added: “I’m deep into the Old Book Culture as my permanently inky fingers and impressively groaning shelves testify, but I’m no Luddite, so I’m just as excited by bright new electronic possibilities as I am by dusty foxed first editions . . .

"I like it that The Friday Project allows us to revive an old publication format . . . the eighteenth-century pamphlet. Longer than an article, but shorter than a book. More lasting than the first, more immediate than the latter. Most of all, a medium to express ideas and encourage reading.  What could be better?”