Sir Alex Ferguson's book tour sets records

Thousands of tickets for Sir Alex Ferguson's book tour have been signed up in minutes after going on sale.

The former Manchester United manager will be in conversation at several venues around the country throughout October and November to promote his autobiography, published by Hodder & Stoughton on 24th October.

His appearance at Salford's Lowry Theatre is the fastest-selling event in the theatre's history, with 1,700 tickets selling out in less than four minutes. In Aberdeen, 1,300 tickets sold in under two minutes, while the Royal Festival Hall in London sold 2,500 tickets in less than hour.

Elaine Silverwood, proprietor of the Silverdell Bookshop and host of the Preston event said: "I had people phoning from all over the world whether working or on holiday. Calls came from Thailand, Cuba, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal and all over the UK. We enjoyed the excited chat and banter. People were thrilled at still being able to purchase tickets even if they had spent the day on the phone."