Scientists continue Reed protests

The Scientist reports that more than 1,300 scientists, academics, and health care professionals have now signed a <a href="">petition</a> that calls for publishing giant <a href="">Reed Elsevier</a> to abandon its involvement in international arms exhibitions, which it organizes through its subsidiary, <a href=";appname=100266... Exhibitions</a>. <br /> <br />A smaller group of scientists (less than 100) have signed a more strongly worded online <a href="">petition</a> pledging to boycott all Reed Elsevier journals until the publisher stops organizing arms fairs. Editorials voicing disapproval of Reed Elsevier also turned up in both the <a href=""><em>Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine</em></a> and in the <a href=""><em>British Medical Journal</em></a> last month. <em>The Lancet</em>, Reed Elsevier&#39;s premier medical journal, also published letters criticizing the publisher&#39;s arms involvement in the March 24 issue.