Sales of three million for latest Apple devices

Sales of three million for latest Apple devices

Apple has announced sales of three million units internationally for its latest tablet devices, the iPad mini and fourth generation iPad, released on 2nd November.

The figure doubles the record of the company’s last tablet launch, when they sold 1.5m third generation iPads back in March.

The figures, which include sales in the UK, the USA, and countries including Canada, France, Germany and Japan, only includes the WiFi enabled models. Versions which also include mobile services will not be shipped until later in the year.

Apple’s c.e.o. Tom Cook said: “Customers around the world love the new iPad mini and fourth generation iPad. We set a new launch weekend record and practically sold out of iPad minis. We’re working hard to build more quickly to meet the incredible demand.”

The iPad mini, which has a 7.9 inch display as opposed to the iPad’s 9.7 inch screen, is part of a new generation of tablets and e-readers being launched in the UK this autumn in the run-up to the Christmas period. Google’s Nexus tablets, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Microsoft’s Surface have all recently arrived in the UK to challenge Apple’s dominance in the sector.