Ronnie Barker to Ebury Press

Ebury Press has acquired three titles of classic material by Ronnie Barker, the comedian and star of "The Two Ronnies".

First title Fork Handles: The Bery Vest of Ronnie Barker is lined up for publication in September 2013, with two to followin 2014. World all-language rights were acquired from Essential Works on behalf of the Estate of Ronnie Barker.

Deputy publisher Andrew Goodfellow said: "Everybody knows Ronnie Barker as a performer but not many know that he wrote most of The Two Ronnies’ finest moments. He’s one of our greatest comics and it’s a privilege to be involved in his legacy."

This is the first tiem that Barker's comic material has been made available in any form other than the Complete Works, according to the publisher.