Redundancies at Butler, Tanner & Dennis

Redundancies at Butler, Tanner & Dennis

Somerset-based printer Butler, Tanner & Dennis is in consultation with "a small number" of staff over redundancies, citing the "uncertain" market as the reason for the job losses.

Managing director Kevin Sarney did not confirm the exact number of positions affected but said that the redundancies would not reduce the capacity of the printers. "We are still in consultation with one or two individuals," he said. "It is an uncertain world out there and we felt it right to look at how we can keep our costs level. We have been in consultation over the past month; everything should be finalised before Christmas."

Sarney said the company had experienced publishers asking for smaller but more frequent print runs this year, and with last-minute print runs being asked for on popular Christmas titles such as Frozen Planet (BBC Books). He said: "The run into Christmas is very interesting. Little and often has been the case for us this year."

He predicted that the company would see "a much more print-on-demand-style business" in 2012.

"Next year is going to be all about cash retention, and if publishers can see a way to print the number they need over a period of time, while holding onto the cash, they will do that," he said.

BT&D works with publishers including Random House, HarperCollins and Simon &