Random rushes Bin Laden digital exclusive

Random rushes Bin Laden digital exclusive

Random House is publishing its first "instant e-book exclusive" with William Heinemann's rapid response to the death of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

Beyond Bin Laden: The Future of Terror will be published tomorrow (10th May) as an e-book and audio download, both priced £2.99.

Senior editor Drummond Moir acquired UK and Commonwealth (ex Canada) rights to the collection of essays through Denise Cronin at Random House Inc.

Edited by Pulitzer Prize winner Jon Meacham, the essays look at the future of Al Qaeda, Aghanistan and Pakistan. Written by experts such as former US Army officer Andrew Exum and former US secretary of state, James A Baker III, they examine the political, military and cultural implications of the "war on terror" following Bin Laden's death.

Moir said: "It was conceived last Monday and we bought it on Friday. It's an experiment and it's very exciting." On the subject matter, Moir added: "It's huge news. The essays are very insightful, it has a huge breadth to it. [The essays] have a relevance, we thought it was important to publish it in the UK as well . . . It's an exciting project, it's timely."

He added there were currently no plans to publish in a physical edition at a later date.