Quartet launches digital imprint

Quartet launches digital imprint

Independent publisher Quartet is the latest publisher to launch a digital-only imprint, with its first title to be offered at the promotional price of 99p from 1st December.

Gavin James Bower, editorial director at Quartet, said the plan in 2013 was to publish one title a quarter, with a focus on new authors and backlist. Quartet Digital’s inaugural title will be A Darker Shade of Love by writer and former model Anne Dunhill.

The book was first published in hardback in 1991, and then recently self-published in digital format. Quartet’s chairman Naim Attallah discovered the novel on his wife’s bookshelf in France. He read it in one sitting and made an offer for the rights to republish. Quartet also published Dunhill’s memoir Anita earlier this year.

Bower said the example was instructive. “Authors, aspiring or otherwise, should take note. For the vast majority self-publishing should still be the last resort, because it’s never too late to find a home for your work—or, in Anne’s case, give it a new lease of life.

"We might be 40 this year but we’re trying to teach ourselves some new tricks. In the same way that digital offers new distribution channels, it can also present something of a renaissance for an author, with their work being available in a brand new format and presented afresh.”