Quadrille snaps up Sushi Slim

Quadrille has acquired a new title about how to get slim and stay healthy the Japanese way, with plans to publish on 11th April.

World rights in Sushi Slim by Makiko Sano were acquired by Anne Furniss from Diana Beaumont of the Rupert Heath Agency. The title will be released as a £12.99 paperback.

The book includes instructions on how to make sushi at home, as well as ideas for low-calorie Japanese meals, including 500-calorie bento boxes. The recipes will also include ideas for Western alternative ingredients to swap in, and tips on what to eat to make your hair shine, your skin glow and how to get rid of wrinkles.

Furniss said: "In Sushi Slim we have a beautifully designed and supremely stylish book, written by a very talented author. It will bring the Japanese secrets of staying slim and beautiful to a generation of people who love sushi."