Pullman and Díaz to reveal reads for Yale

Yale University Press will be nosing around authors' bookshelves with the publication of Unpacking My Library: Writers and Their Books next month, with authors including Philip Pullman, Jonathan Lethem and Junot Díaz revealing which titles they treasure.

The book, edited by Harvard English professor Leah Price, who also contributed an introduction, will be published in November as a £16 hardback. Each author is interviewed about the books on their shelves and the art of arranging and collecting books, with photographs of their personal libraries accompanying the text.

YUP's senior editor of art and architecture, Michelle Komie, said it is a second volume in an unofficial series, following a similar title looking at architects and their books. She said Philip Pullman's library "doesn't end, it's not confined in one room".

Komie said: "I think part of the charm of these books and their appeal is that they are hugely voyeuristic . . . also there is a level of judgement from afar, of seeing the collections of these writers who we really revere."