Publishers Lunch opens Bookateria store

Publishers Lunch opens Bookateria store

Publishers Lunch has opened an online bookselling store powered by Random House US.

The news site is calling its new online store Bookateria and will showcase "books making news", aiming to offer an "insider's view into books of interest and authors on the rise". It will highlight books newly published, announced, and signed, as well as Industry Lists featuing "buzz books", "best of 2012" selections and "bookseller's picks" compiled from booksellers at Barnes & Noble, Costco, Amazon and the American Bookseller Association's members.

Random House is providing technology, staff and support services to Bookateria.

Publishers Lunch founder Michael Cader said: "We know from our readers that every new deal report and daily news item triggers purchase impulses among our audience, who are avid book consumers. So we've long been looking for a solution that lets us connect the news and our proprietary data directly to a store environment to drive book sales, while supporting the entire bookselling environment, without favoring any one party or competing directly with booksellers who provide such a valuable service."

Amanda Close, senior vice-president, Marketplace Development at Random House, Inc said: "Random House, Inc is committed to providing readers with more discovery opportunities for authors and their books. Powering new online bookselling environments like Bookateria will enable us to do just that."