Publishers call for BA action

<p>Publishers have welcomed the Booksellers Association&#39;s report into digitisation&mdash;but warned that action rather than words needed to be taken. Among the recommendations of the <a href="../news/49083-ba-collaborate-or-face-extinction.html" target="_blank" title="ba-collaborate-or-face-extinction.html">Embracing the Digital Age report</a>, published last week, was that a new cross-industry group be set up to carry forward digitisation issues; universal digital marketing and content standards be derived; and a conference be held next year to further debate the implications of digital issues.</p><p>Sara Lloyd, head of digital publishing at Pan Macmillan, said the report was &quot;full of really positive and really practicable steps that the trade can take&quot;. Peter Bowron, Random House Group m.d., welcomed the report and added that the industry needed to consult more widely. &quot;We need to work with new partners like Microsoft and Google as well as existing partners,&quot; he said. &quot;We can&#39;t bury our heads in the sand. We, as publishers, aren&#39;t as close to the consumer as booksellers are.&quot;</p><p>Genevieve Shore, Penguin global digital director, said the report&#39;s warning that an outside party could capitalise on digital content had been born out in the US. &quot;Look at Sony and Audible with their ebook services,&quot; she said. &quot;It&#39;s extremely likely an outside party could come into the digital book trade in the UK unless retailers raise their game.&quot;</p><p>But publishers were concerned that the report might not lead to action. &quot;Talking about what might come is all well and good but digitisation is here now,&quot; said one publisher. &quot;It&#39;s not just up to publishers to deliver upon these issues,&quot; added another. &quot;It&#39;s up to the BA to take this forward. If I was a BA member I would be asking them &#39;what exactly are you going to do now?&#39;&quot;</p>