Promotion for Kobo's Tamblyn

Kobo has announced a promotion for Michael Tamblyn, who will take on the role of chief content officer for the Canadian e-reading company.

Tamblyn was previously executive vice-president for content, sales and merchandising, and has been with the company since it launched, following his role as founder and c.e.o. of BookNet Canada and the online bookstore

His role will focus on content acquisition and sales, publisher and industry relations, and localised merchandising experience.

Kobo’s c.e.o. Michael Serbinis described Tamblyn as a driving force in expanding Kobo’s digital library to include 3.2m titles in 68 languages.

Serbinis said: “Michael Tamblyn’s leadership in the industry and his hands-on approach to working with publishers and authors has been instrumental to Kobo’s success. In his new role, he will continue to grow our existing catalogue and drive Kobo’s expansion into new content categories.”

Tamblyn said: “Getting the right book into a reader’s hands instantly—that’s always our goal. But even more than that, we want to create experiences that enrich and expand a customer’s reading life, always pushing technology to make reading better.

"In this new role, I’m looking forward to bringing that passion not just to books, but to every other kind of content that a reader may want at their fingertips, in any language, anywhere in the world.”