Penguin to publish musical 'manifesto'

Penguin to publish musical 'manifesto'

Penguin Life has acquired The Way of the Guitar by musician Stewart French.

Fred Baty, commissioning editor at Penguin Life, Portfolio and Viking, acquired world rights at auction from Jaime Marshall at J.P. Marshall Literary Agency. It is planned for publication in autumn 2018.

The Way of the Guitar is “French's manifesto for the life-changing physical and psychological benefits of playing guitar”. French is a virtuoso classical guitarist and a lecturer on guitar technique at the University of London. He has toured as a soloist with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, has been regularly broadcast on BBC Radio and Classic FM and founded the Draft Classical music media company as well as co-founding Classic FM’s "A Fly on the Wall" film format.

A PRH spokesperson said: “Drawing on the latest scientific research, interviews with prominent guitarists, and his own story of growth and success, he explains how training the body – and quieting the mind – is the only enjoyable, effective and fast way to begin the journey into a life of guitar playing. He also offers a complete, detailed blueprint for how to hack the guitar with his radical five-step 'BASIS' system.”

Baty said: "I'm thrilled to be publishing Stewart on Penguin Life. As a lifelong guitarist myself, his voice, enthusiasm and clear mastery of his art immediately resonated with me. I'm sure that The Way of the Guitar will be an inspiration for budding guitarists worldwide, as well as giving those who've always wanted to pick up the instrument the tools to jump-start their learning.”

French added: “Pretty much everyone I meet wishes they could play guitar or at least play it better. And they're usually not just after the skills – they're after the feeling of being a musician: that feeling of release, of empowerment, of creative possibility. I can't wait to share my experience and my secrets for mastery, and I am so happy to have found a wonderful partner in Penguin Life.”