Nicolas Cheetham to join Head of Zeus

Nicolas Cheetham to join Head of Zeus

Nicolas Cheetham is to leave Atlantic and join his father's new publishing company Head of Zeus to create a popular fiction list.

Nicolas Cheetham has headed Atlantic imprint Corvus since February 2009, having previously worked at Quercus with Anthony Cheetham, and will remain at Atlantic until 23rd December before joining his father's new start-up company.

Nicolas Cheetham was circumspect on the details of his new list. He said: "I can't tell you much more than that at the moment, it is all up in the air, but we will reveal more in the new year . . . It has been a tough year for the trade and it has certainly been a tough year for Atlantic but I am proud of what Corvus has achieved."

On working with his father again, he said: "I think that he is one of the great innovators in the publishing industry and has a certain sense of fun in doing things. His real forte is in start-ups."

Meanwhile, Atlantic has said it is still committed to Corvus, but would probably focus on 24 titles a year rather than the 36 it publishes at present. The imprint focuses on genre fiction, particularly thrillers and SF/fantasy, and has published authors including Joseph Wambaugh, Joyce Carol Oates, Michael Ridpath, Gordon Ferris, Phil Rickman, and David Wingrove.