Neil Gaiman partners with Blackberry

Neil Gaiman partners with Blackberry

Neil Gaiman has partnered with Blackberry to create a reader-generated calendar powered through a social media campaign.

Blackberry has asked its Twitter followers to send story ideas to Gaiman every month, and once an idea is chosen, then to send illustrations to go with it. At the end a ‘Calendar of Tales’ will be produced.

Gaiman said: “Good fiction unites us because it gives us empathy look at the world through other people’s eyes and it is a wonderful way of realising other people exist . . .  I’ve been trying to figure out for years a way to collaborate with readers.”

His January question to followers is: “Why is January so dangerous?” Participants so far have given responses such as “@neilhimself Every beginning is simply scary...could bring out the best or worst in you #KeepMoving #JanTale” and “@neilhimself #KeepMoving #JanTale Goals are set for a new year and if you aim too high, you fall, but if you aim too low, you stumble.”

Only Blackberry followers will be able to have their idea chosen.

Gaiman added: “I love the idea of getting some kind of feedback and I love the idea of taking what I made and giving it back to people, almost like some kind of ping pong match. So the plan is what I am going to do is create a calendar tales. I am going to write them but they are going to be inspired and illustrated by you.”

The competition will end at 5pm GMT tomorrow (6th February.)