Mobiles24 removes e-books channel after Hachette action

Mobiles24 has removed all e-books from its website after Hachette UK obtained a court order against Mark Worthington, the owner of content site , demanding that the site take down access to pirated copies of its books.

According to Hachette, e-books will no longer be available from the website or any other website operated by Mark Worthington. The site previously allowed visitors to download unauthorised e-books for free. The site makes available accessories such as ringtones, wallpapers, apps and games for mobile phones.

Hachette UK c.e.o. Tim Hely Hutchinson said: "I am delighted with the outcome of our justified action. This sends out a very clear message to anyone who appropriates our files, infringing our copyright and that of our authors. We have always made it clear that we regard copyright infringement as theft: we will pursue any case where we find it and our actions will be upheld by the court."

Hachette issued a "letter before action" to Worthington in February, when the site carried nearly 9,000 e-books in ePub format, including many Hachette titles.