Middlesex University Press to close

<p>Middlesex University Press is being shut down at the end of the year, after senior management deemed it &quot;irresponsible&quot; to invest further in the company.</p><p>In a letter sent to authors, Waqar Ahmad, chairman of MUP, said the move came following a management review last year, which resulted in separating the press from the print management service Lithgo. This left the press wholly owned, and wholly subsidised, by Middlesex University.</p><p>In the letter, seen by <em>The Bookseller</em>, Ahmad said: &quot;Major investment would have been required to grow the business and, in my view, in today&#39;s financial climate it would have been irresponsible to make that investment with no guarantee of a satisfactory return.</p><p>&quot;I therefore consider that the continuation of Middlesex University Press as part of Middlesex University to be untenable.&quot;</p><p>He added that &quot;with much regret&quot; the company would cease operation &quot;entirely&quot; by 31st December.</p><p>MUP is now in discussion with distributor Central Books and publisher Cengage Learning &quot;with respect to termination&quot;, with more details forthcoming, Ahmad said. The press declined to comment further.<br /><br /> </p>