Kobo links with ABA

Kobo links with ABA

Kobo has teamed up with the American Booksellers Association (ABA) to enable independent bookshops in the US to sell e-books through an affiliate scheme.

Kobo has already offered independent booksellers in the UK the opportunity to link with them to sell e-books, with many considering partnering with them when the scheme gets underway in September.

Now the Canadian-based e-book company, owned by Japanese e-commerce group Rakuten, is extending the opportunity to the ABA’s 2,000 members, saying it expects 400 stores to be on board by an autumn launch.

Kobo said in a statement: “Booksellers will be able to offer a total experience for their customers including a full line of e-readers, e-reading accessories, and e-books from Kobo’s catalogue of nearly 3 million titles. ABA members will share in the revenue on every sale. The program includes valuable training, in-store merchandising, marketing, sales, and logistics solutions to help independents be successful.”

It added that ABA members will also be able to offer e-books directly to their customers online.

ABA c.e.o Oren Teicher said he was pleased to offer members a “competitive” e-book retailing solution. “Through this partnership with Kobo, indie bookstore customers will have access to a broad and diverse inventory of e-books,” he said.

Mike Serbinis, c.e.o. of Kobo, added: “We expect to quickly bring our unique offering to independents globally.”

Phil Wood, Kobo’s UK manager, is due to launch a country-wide roadshow showcasing the Kobo offer to indies in the UK in October.