Kingfisher integrated into MCB

Pan Macmillan has announced a reorganisation of its Children's publishing business, with the Kingfisher imprint and its publishing operation now integrated, with immediate effect, into Macmillan Children's Books under publisher Belinda Rasmussen.

The move will entail a reduction of Kingfisher's forward publishing programme, and the potential redundancy of some Kingfisher staff. Pan Macmillan has entered into a period of consultation with "a number" of staff members but has declined to specify how many. It is understood the consultation is hoped to be concluded by mid-November. Twenty-two staff currently work for Kingfisher, all based at the Pan Macmillan head office in King's Cross.  

A smaller Kingfisher editorial, design and production team will publish its 2013 programme under its own imprint within Macmillan Children's Books, to be marketed by Pan Macmillan's rights and sales teams. Kingfisher's rights team will be integrated with that of MCB. The publisher said MCB will "continue to invest in Kingfisher's existing core series", and the name Kingfisher will remain on its titles.

Pan Macmillan m.d. Anthony Forbes Watson said: "We have taken the decision to reduce Kingfisher's forward publishing programme as we focus our resources on adult and children's fiction, narrative non-fiction, and on children's picture books, and away from illustrated children's reference, with is different business model and market characteristics."

Forbes Watson added: "We thoroughly explored alternative options for the Kingfisher business before deciding to integrate it into Macmillan Children's Books. We very much regret that this decision will also bring with it the potential redundancy of a number of Kingfisher-related roles."

Kingfisher was established in 1978 by Grisewood & Dempsey and was owned by Houghton Mifflin from 2002-7. Macmillan acquired it in late 2007.