Icon signs third from Forsyth

Icon signs third from Forsyth

Icon Books has signed a new title from Mark Forsyth, author of The Etymologicon and The Horologicon.

The new title will expand on the writer;s passion for words, and is titled The Pinnacle of Parnassus: An Entirely Successful Attempt to Write Three Perfect Sentences. It explores how famous writers, including Dante, Shakespeare and Hemingway have all written their sentences, as well as examining the Bible, advertising copy, and political soundbites.

Duncan Heath, editorial director of Icon Books, who bought world rights to the title, said: "Although it continues the fascination with words and language that readers loved so much in The Etymologicon and The Horologicon, here Mark takes a wider view and plunges into the techniques of literary style in both high and popular culture with his trademark wit and lightly-worn learning. It¹s a bracing and hugely entertaining demystification of poetic and literary style, and I¹m delighted to be able to publish it on the heels of Mark's previous bestsellers."

Forsyth said: "Every author dreams of producing a piece of writing so perfectly beautiful that it renders all previous literature redundant. However, no author has developed a failsafe mechanism for doing so, until now. With the backing of Icon Books, I shall create a rigorously scientific method for the creation of beauty, or get drunk trying."

The book will be released on the 7th November 2013, as a £12.99 hardback and £7.99 e-book, accompanied by a marketing and publicity campaign.