Hodder Education launches topical issues series

Hodder Education launches topical issues series

Hodder Education is embarking on a major new education series that aims to get straight to the heart of today's most topical issues.

The All That Matters series will tackle topics of the day at 160-page length; each title will be published as a £7.99 paperback. The series is launching with two titles at the end of May, and Hodder plans to build the series to 40–50 titles a year in the future.

The titles will tackle a variety of topical subjects; from an introduction to the history and motivations for terrorism to the thorny issue of bioethics. Hodder Education m.d. David Swarbrick said: "We wanted books that told the story of a subject, that went beyond a bland introduction to focus on what really matters, now and possibly in the future—a series that brought together quick-minded and curious readers and students with world experts who can write brilliantly. And in a package that was fresh, contemporary—and short."

Julian Baggini and Ziauddin Sardar will be the first published authors in the series, with their respective beginners' guides—Philosophy and Muhammad—released on 25th May. Eight more titles will be published by November, with a further 12 across the Christmas period and into January, covering Bioethics, God (June), Terrorism (July), Judaism (August), Radical Islam (October), Water and Buddhism (November). Some of the authors with titles in the series due to be published this year have already signed up to write further titles.

Bucking current trends for shorter titles, the series will be published both in digital and print format. Enhanced e-books are planned to follow initial publication, with approximately 40 minutes of exclusive embedded video and interview content.

The stylised cover designs were created to be visually appealing both on physical and digital shelves, and were approved by the series' sales channels, including Waterstones, W H Smith and Amazon, who will be running an online campaign for the series throughout May.

Abigail Coften, head of marketing for Hodder Consumer Learning, said it was "a big project" aimed at students and a general interest audience. Translation rights are currently available with the series—which Coften says generated much excitement at the recent London Book Fair—which is expected to be published globally.