Hodder Children’s launches e-only sci-fi classics list

Hodder Children’s Books plans to reach new audiences with HodderSilver, a digital-only list of classic sci-fi titles, launched this week (Thursday 1st May).
Fiction editorial director Jon Appleton said Hodder opted for sci-fi because it was the genre most talked about online. “These were the books that people were talking about and sci-fi was the genre that bloggers were discussing," he said. "We’re really excited to try and reach a new audience. We think the market is out there so we’re reaching out to them.”
The list is launching with five out-of-print books, including Catweazle by Richard Carpenter, The Plague Trilogy: Plague 99 by Jean Ure, Starstormers series: Starstormers by Nicholas Fisk, The Ennead by Jan Mark and The Llandor Trilogy: Journey Through Llandor by Louise Lawrence.
Appleton said the list was carefully curated and that each book was chosen on merit. “The SFX reviewers hold Nicholas Fisk, for example, as a master of the genre,” he said, claiming that Carpenter’s Catweazle, about a time-travelling wizard, which was made into a TV series in 1970, is “as good as Harry Potter”.
The books, which will be available on all e-reader platforms for £2.99, will appeal to any readers aged nine and over and there will be a core readership of adults remembering these titles from their youth, he added.
There will also be accompanying social media campaign via dedicated twitter (@HodderSilver) and Tumblr accounts.
So far, Hodder plans to publish 21 titles between May and September but is open to suggestions about what to publish next. “We would love to hear from people about possible candidates,” said Appleton.