Hachette Children's to launch e-books

<p>Hachette Children&#39;s UK is to launch its first e-book range in May and will make around 120 titles available as e-books this year. The publisher plans to keep the same pricing for its e-books as its printed editions and is moving towards simultaneous publication of printed books and e-books, where possible.<br /><br />Andrew Sharp, group rights and digital director for Hachette Children&#39;s, said that a combination of factors, including the launch of new technology such as the iPad this year, made 2010 the right time to be publishing an e-book list. &quot;We predict that a growth in e-book sales will happen over the next few years. Looking at the US, it&#39;s only now that e-book sales have exceeded audiobook sales.&quot; The company is also developing new apps for its picture books, the first of which is expected to be released this autumn.<br /><br />Sharp said, &quot;Our e-book publishing is geared towards older readers who are quick to adopt new technologies.&quot; Among the first 11 e-book titles to be published in May will be the bestselling <em>The Vampire Diaries </em>by L J Smith (Hodder Children&#39;s Books) which is currently in the Top Ten Children&#39;s Chart. The fifth and sixth Vampire Diaries titles, <em>Nightfall</em> and <em>Shadow Souls</em>, will be published as e-books alongside TV tie-in editions in May. Debut titles will include an e-book edition of <em>Della Says</em> by Keris Stainton (Orchard) that will be released simultaneously with the paperback edition. <br /><br />Further titles to be released later in the year include the Rose series by Holly Webb (Orchard), Eden Maguire&#39;s Beautiful Dead series (Hodder Children&#39;s) and titles from bestselling teen writers Sarra Manning and Chris Higgins (Hodder Children&#39;s).<br /><br />Hachette Children&#39;s expects to release the same number of titles as e-books in 2011.</p>