'Groundbreaking' JFK book promised from L, B

Little, Brown is to publish a "groundbreaking" account of events surrounding the death of president John F Kennedy, promising "an extraordinary new book that will change our understanding of both the Kennedy assassination and the most controversial murder investigation of the 20th century."

The book, as yet untitled, is by New York Times investigative reporter Philip Shannon and will be published on 22nd October, shortly ahead of the 50th anniversary of the killing.

Drawn from years of research and interviews with "primary and insider sources", the book looks at the work of the Warren Commission, which sought to determine whether killer Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, and is said to answer "many of the questions that have haunted a nation for 50 years, in spite of the powerful individuals who did their utmost to prevent the discovery of what really happened."

Further details of the book are currently under embargo.