Gollancz buys anthology series edited by Martin

Gollancz has acquired the first three books in the Wild Cards superhero and science fiction anthology series edited by Game of Thrones author George R R Martin. Only six of the 21 volumes have previously been published in the UK.  

Editor Marcus Gipps acquired UK and Commonwealth rights in the first three books through Chris Lotts at The Lotts Agency, as well as in five more recent anthologies.

The books are a superhero and SF anthology series set in a shared universe and were created by a group of science fiction writers, including Martin, who has edited and contributed a story to each of the collections. The ongoing story is of an alternate post-Second World War earth where an alien virus has run rampant.

The first three of the reissued Wild Cards volumes will be published in November and December 2012 and January 2013. The following five new volumes will be released between June and October 2013.

Gipps said: "George is known as a fantastic writer, but his skills as an editor and show-runner are also hugely impressive. He has managed to bring together a stellar cast of writers for his long-running Wild Cards series, as well as keep track of hundreds of different characters and stories.

"Each of the books is largely stand-alone, but the wider tapestry that weaves together across the series is astounding. Gollancz is proud to publish George's novels, and it's great news that we can bring Wild Cards back to a UK audience."