First Bologna Ragazzi digital prize awarded

French publisher eToiles Editions, with an app that "breaks away from the page by page way of thinking won the first ever Bologna Ragazzi Digital Prize, awarded yesterday at the Tools of Change Bologna conference.

Stephane Kiehl's Dans Mon Reve (In My Dream) was praised by judges for being a "beautifully surreal and poetic app" that "leaves space for a child's imagination and provides a setting for collaborative play".

The prize, an offshoot of BolognaRagazzi illustration and design prizes awarded each year at Bologna, is an award for digital innovation. There were 252 entries by 179 publishers from 25 countries.

The judges, which included London-based ifBook's Chris Meade and Warren Buckleitner, editor of Children's Technology Review, also selected two honourable mentions: The Numberlys by Louisiana-based Moonbot Studios, an interactive app about the birth of the alphabet; and Qualm Soto o Pump? (Who Let the Fart Out?) by Sao Paulo‚ publishers Amendment Editor Schwarz.